Christmas Tree Ornament Kit - $35

This ornament kit can be ordered in following colors: red, green, or blue. The egg is
pre-cut with two oval openings, front and back and two figure 8 cut out on sides. It
comes with a Christmas tree and all the decorations for the tree as well as everything
you need to decorate the egg.
Lisette Nightlight Fairy Kit

The egg comes prepared to decorate, already cut.  Everything except the glue and your
tools is included.   The egg is an emu. The rotating light base is included and creates a
beautiful glow!


The face is hand made. Kit comes with eggshell, chain, rhinestones, face, and feathers.
Instructions included.

Findings and Settings  Several of the styles have been discontinued and are limited in supply.  
#102  Arch Leaf
6 pk 1.00
#110 Tri Circle Hinge covers
.60 per pai
#142 Scroll Arch
.95 each
#106 Curved Feather Fan
.75 each
#108 Diamond Flame Bezel
.55 each
#107 Oval Hobnail Bezel
6 pk 1.00
#105 Wavy Bar
6 pk 1.00
#104 Scroll
6 pk 1.50
#115 Scroll Flourish
3.00 each
#117 Domed Scallop
6 pk 1.00
#118 Curved Teardrop
.45 ea
#116 Bear Paw
6 pk 1.00
#109 Diamond Flame
.55 ea
#141 Oak Leaf
6 pk 1.00
#111 Victorian Bezel
.75 ea
Stones not included
#131 Teardrop Bezel
6 pk 1.00
#144 Fleur De Lis Drop
6 pk 1.00
#112 Super Stong Magnets
Decorative Chain

1. 1mm scroll chain  5.00 per yard
2. Twisted Rope  6.00 per yard
3. 1mm Faceted Ball Chain 6.00 per yard
4. Faceted Double Ball Chain 8.00 per yard
5. 2mm Flat Chain 6.00 per yard
1.     2.       3.      4.      5.
#124 ZigZag
6 pk 1.00
#125 Oval Setting
6 pk 1.00
#136 Fan
6 pk 1.00
Serpentine Pendant

This pendant is made with a piece of an ostrich eggshell and is caged and
decorated with gold plated 2mm flat chain and 1mm faceted bead chain.
Beautiful, iridescent colors make the matte, crystal AB cabochon look striking.

Kit price is $18,  finished piece is $35.
Gorgeous, gold plated filigree 3D butterfly wings.  Each piece has three different
sized wings all in one!  These wings look awesome on any color egg. Each wing
has a faceted rhinestone crystal in the center, The wings can be bent easily to fit
the contour of any egg.

Price:  $3.00 ea


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