Kneeling Dolls  -  $35 no wings  2.25 inches high, not including hair and hats
Half Doll Fairies  -  $55     2.5 inches tall from the waist to the top of the head, before hair
All of the fairy figures are made of porcelain unless indicated differently and can be ordered with your
choice of dress color and hair color.  Hair color choices are: white, black, blond, frosted blond, red,
dark auburn, medium brown and dark brown.

Half Doll fairies are used by eggers like myself but can also be attached to form top of a pin cushion.
Kneeling doll fairies  -  $45 (winged)   2.25 inches high, not including hair
Maya  Art D'Coe  -  Reminiscent of a Grecian Goddess, this fairy shows both sides of her
gorgeous hair detailing. Her bodice is a silver metallic crackle effect trimmed with silver
Piccolina Fairies  -  $65 (winged)  3.25 inches high
Maya  Ruby   Deep red and silver bodice with
red jewels and red accents on her wings
Maya Half Doll Fairies

Some decorative details may change slightly and the hair color choice can be requested.  Maya fairies all
have same style of wings, iridescent triple fantasy wings decorated to coordinate with the costuming.  
One of a kind iridescent wings are made to order and each pair will be uniquely different.

All half doll fairies with Triple Wings are 55.00 ea.  Iridescent film wings are extra.
Kneeling doll Mermaids  -  $65   2.25 inches high, not including hair
Maya Snow  Dressed in shimmering white
with updo hairstyle
Maya Blue  Subtle shades of aqua blue
Maya Snow  Shimmering white with regular
down hairstyle
Maya Peridot  Beautiful shades of Peridot
Amethyst Fairy  Lavender graduated to aqua
bodice with iridescent lavender dragonfly
Ruby Fairy  Deep red bodice accent over
white with matching headband.  Red wings
Maya Light Blue with light blue trimmed wings
Piccolina Mermaid - $65

Each Piccolina Mermaid will vary slightly in design. The tail and fins, (the entire
lower body) is sculpted by hand.  

You are getting a Mermaid that is truly a one of a kind piece.  

Large Abalone shells are not included.
Ballerina Doll - 20.00
Maya Lavender with one of a kind iridescent


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