Victoria Lane
Victoria Lane
The Egg Art of Victoria Lane
Born the daughter of a famous Yugoslavian singer, Victoria lived the first 19 years of her life in a
bohemian lifestyle that would later form the foundation for her artistic sensibility.  In the tradition
of her free-spirited mother, she quickly assumed a taste for nomadic life, which led her through
Europe until finally settling in the United States.  Whether in her native Belgrade, various
European cities or her permanent home now in Hemet California, Victoria’s artistic inspiration
has never been confined by ordinary boundaries.

Of late, Victoria has turned her creative imagination to the creation of functional art using the
unique medium of nature’s true wonders, eggs.  After starting small with chicken and quail
eggs, Victoria’s latest works have focused on rhea, emu, cassowary, goose etc. She creates
handbags, musical jewelry boxes, ornaments for all occasions,  personalized ornaments and
many other beautiful things.  Inspired by Faberge, Victoria’s exquisitely designed purses start
with a simple egg foundation and go on from there.  

Several years ago, Victoria saw a porcelain basket with beautiful porcelain, hand painted eggs
that were not within her budget, and she thought she would like to make her own, more
affordable version.  She used chicken eggs, fabric paints and industrial kind of lacquer.  The
eggs were a huge success in the neighborhood.  When a friend suggested using an ostrich
egg, Victoria scratched her head and wondered what in the world would anyone want with an
egg that size.  After all,
a season for eggs was kind of short.  At that time she saw a well know actress in a magazine, carrying an ugly ostrich egg handbag and she
decided she could do better.  Victoria’s first handbags were all hand painted and she had no idea that you could do anything else, least of all
that you can use crystals, (gasp), findings etc.   Well, her friend took her to an egg show and once Victoria was done sweeping the floor with
her chin, a passion was born.  That was a while back and Victoria now knows that the season for eggs is a never ending thing.

Her other passion are her sons.  Her older son has autism, and if it wasn’t for that, he would be absolutely brilliant.  He memorizes language
tapes, (he has gone through all the language tapes available from the library), dictionaries, songs, weather books…  Her younger, handsome
6’5”  son likes to play video games, likes girls, his friends and comedy.  His mom was his favorite companion at the movies when he was

Victoria spends her time at home, slaving away in the kitchen, except during those times when her husband, a teacher, decides to show off
his culinary abilities which she feverishly encourages him to do.   None is better at doing those delightful lamb chops, or succulent, juicy
steaks, etc. than Mark.

At times, friends drop in and Victoria, reluctantly has to put away her passion, but she does not mind too much. She likes her friends, knows
most of her neighbors and their dogs and cats, feeds squirrels and birds, in other words, she is never bored.  She also enjoys reading novels
and has been known to read a book a day during those times she takes a break from work.  

Victoria is entirely self taught and that’s the way she likes it.  It would be a great life if only she could find a $million or two lying on the street
somewhere that no one else wants.  But, she does not fret about that.  Those few times a year when she buys lotto tickets, may pay off yet.  If
they don’t, well that’s life.  


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